Szkoła języków obcych

continuation of education

We take students’ age and their level of English into consideration when we create groups.

We take great pride in the fact that our students continue education in our school for many years. The 2014 FCE group consists of students who have been learning with us since they were 6 years old .These gives 13 years!

Our energy and commitment to work are appreciated by our clients. They recommend us to relatives and friends

And as a result we do not have to advertise our school in order to get new students.

Our motto is ”hard work and professional commitment  given to our students is the key to our success.”

As a result of individual approach to each of the  students, we enjoy a family atmosphere in KASPA. Our students

and often their parents become our friends. We receive postcards with holiday greetings, young couples visit us to

proudly present their offspring, we keep in touch via mail (both e-mail and snail mail), share joyful and sad moments,

exchange impressions from travels or new work. As a result, thanks to our students and their families, we often

expand our circle of friends.

The youngest students who begin their education are divided into age groups (6/7, 8, 9, 10/11 year-old). The youth are assigned to groups that correspond to the level of their school education (Primary School, junior high school, High School).

The level of knowledge of new students is verified during an interview, test, and listening comprehension. These meetings take place in the presence of parents who are able to see if their child reacts properly to tutor’s questions even if they don’t speak English themselves.

Students who join existing groups must be on appropriate level of advancement that matches the level of the group they join. If they need to catch up with the group (grammar, language functions, etc.), we help by providing them with additional complementary lessons.


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