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Posts made in March, 2017

Hawaiian cats.

Hawaiian cats. Ispired by the colourful cats painted by Linda Bachrach , a Hawaiian  artist , students created a lot of cats to help them revise grammar. Group of Young learners wrote sentences to describe their paintings. Jaś wrote: It has funny whiskers. Kamil wrote: We are from different countries. Krzyś wrote: My cat is elegant. Milenka wrote: We are in love. Ola wrote:We are happy family. Students from other grups, who were at  more advanced level had to use different tenses for writing about their cats.  They  also chose names for the cats. Students worked to the accompaniment of the song about  Señor Don Gato.  ...

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A challenge for Betty.

A challenge for Betty. Betty learns English in a one-to-one course. She is a student of the 6th grade in a primary school. Betty was surprised to meet Ruby, an American  in her lesson in Kaspa. No sooner  had  she got over camera jitters when she had to face the meeting with a native speaker. Her task was to talk about the text in the...

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Teenagers and their English lesson with a native speaker.

At the end of every unit of our coursebook there is a list of words, which students should remember and know how to use them in a sentence. Ruby, our American guest wrote text  with gaps, in which students were supposed to insert the words of the list. It was a challenge to students to decide which words shoud go to every gap because the text written by Ruby was completely different from the one in their course book. Kuba worked on his own but from time to time he worked in pair with Łukasz. The girls preferred group work. After the task, Rubi showed the words she used to the students. Finally, Ruby read the complete text and students could check whether they had chosen the right words or not. Next step was to create students` story with the words they used in  Ruby`s FILL THE GAPS  task. Thank you Ruby for visiting our school and sharing your methods of learning new words.    ...

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English & art of painting a peacock on rice paper .

From time to time art  lessons accompany English learning process. Whenever there is such a lesson, students have to learn a little about the painting theme. Zosia is a diligent student, so she had searched for the knowledge about this bird before she had her English and art lesson. She was  able to answer the teacher`s question about peacock. Finally Zosia was ready to study the bird`s proportions, its plumage, its eye-spotted feather and its body....

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School website after hacker`s attack

Attention ! Attention! Our school website was  hacked three times last year. Our HOME page disappeared and the website content became unclear or even irrelevant. We are repairing it step by step and at the same time updating. Please follow the new entries...

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