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English with a song.

If a song is ear-catching, it helps to learn English. Our young learners sang “Noah`s Ark” song. Its lyris were a bit challenging for the kids but they learnt them step by step. They began with depicting on the strips of paper the animals that appeared in the song . Whilst singing,  he kids  were pulling  them along the slits in the carton ark glued to the notebooks. Then the students looked for the rhymes in the lyrics and practised telling verses in slow and fast pace. Next step was a contest in matching the parts of sentences and telling the lyrics with the appropriate emphasis on the chosen words.   Congratulations to the winners and BRAVO to all the others, who had done  their best preparing for the contest. Working with the lyrics the students learnt new words and even skipped their grammar level to become familiar with the past form of irregular verbs.   The students enjoyed the melody and rythm of the song so much , that they spontaneously danced and even pretended gitarists accompaning the choir....

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