Szkoła języków obcych

English and art of sumi-e painting.


Sometimes we intersperse English lessons
with art & crafts.
This time a group of young learners ,
who began their English adventure in November,
learns how to paint a rooster
on the rice paper in sumi-e technique .


As ink painting is of Chinese calligraphy origin ,
students learn about a rooster ,
which is a Chinese zodiak sign
for the forthcoming 2017 .

Although we used synthetic brushes
Polish ink, and rubber stamps
we could experiment
with sumi-e strokes.

Learning how to make strokes

on the rice paper
we painted one rooster.



The kids, who at the beginning
of the lesson said
„ We don`t know how to paint a rooster.”
were happy to see the result .





The students enjoyed writing
their signatures and placing their red seals ,
which always complete Chinese                                             painting.

We were pleased to watch how the students
controlled the right posture and loose hand
which are essential in painting on the rice paper.