Szkoła języków obcych

English and ART – plum and cherry trees in blossom

Kaspa school students are used to

combine learning process with painting .

Our favourite technique

is sumi-e  ,a type of East Asian brush painting that uses black ink

and xuan paper (Chinese) or washi (Japanese paper)

both of which are highly absorbent and unsized.

This technique requires patience, concentration and students` involvement.

Whenever we have art lessons, we make students

get some knowledge about the painting theme.


This time we focused on plum and cherry blossoms.

In pandemic time, during a lockdown most people couldn`t experience

the beauty of  spring trees in bloom.

It turned out that despite the age of students they were really

keen on learning about the differences between these two blossoms

At the beginning of the lesson students noted down

the necessary knowledge. They tried to make their writings

interesting and organized their sentences

Below are a few excerpts from a student`s notebook.

Then we practiced painting parts of the trees such as buds, flowers ,

leaves and  silhouettes of the trees in bloom.

Students could observe them in the Internet.

Plum trees versus cherry trees:

Finally we painted our pictures. A teacher painted them vertically

in front of the computer and students followed every brush.

Students used watercolour or just coffee as a painting medium.

We were happy to see how students were involved

and how they enjoyed the lesson.

Below are students` paintings.