Szkoła języków obcych

English & art of painting storks

In autumn our art and English

theme was „STORK”



As usual students had learnt a few facts

before they painted this Bird.

The more advanced in English

were the students ,

the more facts they learnt.

Here are the pictures of what

they wrote and also what

they learnt by heart

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They always enjoy painting

with ink on a rice paper.

007-by mikołaj -3

008-by Nina

008-by Wiki

009-by Natalka

010-by Staś


011-by Szymon


012-by Michal



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Michał not only learnt all the sentences

by heart but he was also eager

to show his skills to a camera.



It`s import ant to sign the painting.

It`s necessary to practice a signature

because thin, rice paper gives

no chance to correct anything.



Students, who were familiar with

ink painting were given their

private seals to seal their paintings.

a seal


by michał


By Michał-a


Here is the link for those who

have never seen a clattering stork :

a stork gliding