Szkoła języków obcych

English with young learners & ART. of painting a peacock

This was almost the end of a school year and

we needed to motivate students to focus on learning. We know that learning English doesn`t mean just learning

a foreign language. It also means getting knowledge

and thinking in English.

A painting theme was an opportunity to introduce

a famous Polish artist, illustrator and sculptor – Józef Wilkoń.

Last year we were lucky to his exhibition

and attend a meeting with  him in our local library in Mediateka ,

where he also ran a workshop on painting a peacock.

Warsztaty z Mistrzem w Mediatece w Grodzisku Mazowieckim

Wystawa oraz warsztaty z Józefem Wilkoniem

Józef  Wilkoń`s painting is filled with joy of creative process.

He let`s water and paint surprise a creator and then adds

a master`s touch to get a perfect picture.

Kids could see  peacocks` illustrations In Józef Wilkoń`s book

” Rzecz o tym jak paw wpadł w staw.”

As usual, they followed their teacher`s steps.

This was quite challenging as a lot of water had to be used

to get “ Józef Wilkoń`s effect “ in the paintings.

This means blurring, flowing, mixing and other watery results.

We were excited to find out that one of the students,

knowing the painting theme had searched for the information

about the artist and had watched his paintings

before we had our peacock`s lesson.

Bravo to Ola.

Here is the link about Józef Wilkoń for those,

who want to know him and his art better.

Below are students’ paintings.