Szkoła języków obcych

ETEGAMI-a Japanese postcard.

Art of etegami is well known in our school.  

.  Both our students and participants of summer

or winter have learnt how to create it.

A representative of our school is a member of an internationa

l ETEGAMI FAN CLUB, which is managed

from Japan by Deborah Davidson .

Etegami doesn`t only mean  art of painting a postcard.

This is the way of communicating . An artist creates a postcard ,

adds words and sends etegami to a recipent.

Etegami motto says : ‘Clumsy is beautiful’.

The most important thing is willingness

to create a postcard for a catcher .


The idea is to draw or paint spontaneously without

any sketching in pencil or improvements.

Blotches , diverse thickness of outline

or blurring adds personal character.

There are some rules about creating etegami.

Among them is the way a brush is hold . A creator holds it vertically

at the top of its handle. An artist should sit straight but at the same time

with  relaxed arm and wrist.

Thanks to it the thickness and character of an outline

goes with heartbeat in harmony.

Finally the words are added and etegami is ready to be sent to a catcher.

Our students dedicated their etegami cards to their close family.