Szkoła języków obcych

Family meeting

At the end of a school year students used to

get their certificates, meet with their teachers or even

 bring parents along to celebrate the results of learning.

Nowadays, with all the bans that limit social life we

had to organize a meeting online.

We usually begin every lesson with spontaneous talking

about the time between lessons so the family meeting

began likewise.

Parents could see and hear how their children use

 grammar structures and  vocabulary.

They could hear their pronunciation and measure

fluency and skills of communicating in English

 in  front of the group .

Short contests proved the knowledge of vocabulary.

We chose words, which students had learnt

during the lesson about birds.

Next, students had to use the right word in fill the gap task.

Parents were encouraged to cooperate with their children.

We set time limit to finish the task and we asked

the parents to judge the results.

Below is a short  fill the gaps task.

  • When a car moves very fast and a driver wants to stop it ,
  • we can hear_____of brakes.
  • It happens during football matches that supporters ____
  • at the referee.
  • When we have a sore throat, we____ it with salt water.

KEY : screech , jeer ,gurgle


Later, there were three excerpts from videos

and our contestants were asked to use the appropriate word

to name the sound they heard in the films.

A ________________

00:59-1:43 min.

B _____________

0:00min- 0:16 min.

C ____________

00:00- 00:10 min.


 Then there was a longer( 48 sentences) task based precisely

on one of our lessons.

This one was too long to do during the family meeting,

so students chose sentences randomly and the winner

was a student ready to use an appropriate word.

  1. A teacher to students :

„ Please do not make so much noise during a break. My head hurts from all this _____________.

  1. A jay _____________when it sees a predator.
  2. In this way it _____________/ alarms other birds.
  3. Because of it a jay is called a forest
  4. Another word for jay1s sounds is “_____________
  5. When we are at the seaside on the beach, we can hear sea gulls
  6. In our gardens or parks we can hear jay`s
  7. When a car moves very fast and a driver wants to stop it , we can hear _____________ of brakes.
  8. Sometimes a jay sounds like a loud
  9. It happens during football matches that supporters _____________ at the referee.
  10. In jay`s sounds we can hear _____________
  11. The referee _____________ when the game is over.
  12. Some kettles _____________ when the water is boiled.
  13. People who live near the railway station can hear the_____________of the train.
  14. We _____________ to our dog to come to us.
  15. A jay is an intelligent bird. It can_____________other birds.
  16. It can _____________animals and even mechanic sounds.
  17. In a video we could hear a jay _____________a cat.
  18. Parrots are excellent
  19. Performers of cabarets often _____________
  20. A jay can also
  21. If we are in the mountains we can hear the stream_____________over rocks.
  22. When we have a sore throat, we _____________ it with salt water.
  23. Jays eat _____________, nuts, seeds, insects, eggs, hatchlings , amphibians and small mammals.
  24. _____________ are oak nuts With cups.
  25. If you plant an _____________, it will grow into an oak.
  26. Jays hide _____________ to have them for future and in this way they help grow oak trees.
  27. Jay`s Latin name means noisy and _____________
  28. The shop was crowded and _____________.
  29. In spring time we can hear _____________motorbikes in our town.
  30. Jay`s _____________ is pinkish-brown with black tail and black wings. There are  white _____________ on the wings and on the tail and _____________ blue-black stripes on the wings. It`s rump is white.
  31. In the recipe for steak you can read : “ roast for about one hour until the meat is
  32. After rain there are _____________ warms in the soil.
  33. If you go fishing, look for _____________
  34. In the Tatra mountains you can admire _____________
  35. Her performance was _____________.
  36. A jay hasa_____________beak/ bill.
  37. She`s wearing a sweater with _____________
  38. Her son is a big _____________ kid
  39. Jay has a black _____________ on both sides of the beak /bill.
  40. Charlie Chaplin, an English comic actor had a black _____________.
  41. Jays can _____________ emotions such as _____________, _____________ or affection.
  42. Don`t be afraid to_____________your views.
  43. Kids _____________ emotions easily.
  44. Sometimes it`s difficult to control your _____________.
  45. He told the story with
  46. David Garrett, a famous violinist, has had _____________ for music since the early childhood.
  47. I must warn you that the treatment will have side effects.


What to do to stay in touch with English before

the new school year begins?

How to memorize the words from lessons?

We found a few hints in Arlena Witt`s film:

( We watched only a few minutes from the beginning to 06:57 min)

We finished the family meeting  announcing  the winner

of all the contests/ tasks who was chosen by parents.

 Hurray! We, the teachers didn`t have to do it !

Congratulations to Kasia Młynarczyk !!!

THE FIRST PRIZE  was a set of clothes paints,

a cloth marker and a pillow case to cover it with Kasia’s design.

Our suggestion was  to illustrate the pillow case

with pictures depicting words learnt in 2019/2010 school year.

 However, we know how creative Kasia is and

believe she will make her own design.

The other students were given pillow cases with cloth markers.


Happy holidays to all KASPA

students and their families!

See you in September.