Szkoła języków obcych

Georgian day in Kaspa

In October we had a guest in our school-

 Natia Jibladze from Georgia.

Natia, a graduate in economics came

to Poland with her friends to realise a project

in which they share knowledge about

Georgia country  and its culture.


We learnt from Natia that  Georgian language

is the largest language of the

Kartvelian language family spoken

in the South Caucasus mountain

range near the Black Sea.

It is  also the largest indigenous

language of the Caucasus .

 It is written   in a unique alphabetic script

called mkhedruli.

 The language has an ancient literary

tradition extending back

to the 5th century AD.

In the picture below we can see  Natia`s name

and surname written in Georgian language.

Natia wrote a few letters to let us see this unique alphabet.

In Georgian language there are sounds different from

the ones in Polish language and and thus difficult

to pronounce for us.

Natia also told us about traditional Georgian Dance and music.

She demonstrated a few steps used in women`s dance

and encouraged the students to follow her .

Georgian people are very friendly and generous.

They are eager to host  guests  and to invite  them

to their family festivals .

Khinkali are Georgian dumplings with meat or  cheese

and spices stuff. They are made of twisted knobs of dough.

They look like little masterpieces.

We must make them one day during our

English and cooking lesson!

Here is a recipe and instructions on how to make them :

Natia`s country  is one of the oldest wine regions  

in the world. Wine production  and traditions are

inseperable from the national identity.

We hope that Natia`s visit made our students

search for more information about this beautiful

and interesting country.

Last but not least, great thanks to Zosia,

who hosted Natia and who brought her to our lesson.