Szkoła języków obcych

How we teach

We use both traditional and innovative

methods of teaching.


  • Courses are held in groups with the number of maximum 8 students.
  • We also arrange individual courses.
  • In our offer we have lessons through the Internet-SKYPE for individual students and groups
  • In our courses we offer two 45-minutes lessons per week.
  •  For persons joining groups we offer complementary lessons. In order to keep high level of education we pay attention that persons joining groups during the school year do not slow down the pace of work of other students. Complementary lessons are connected with additional fee.
  • We adjust days and hours of our courses to school schedules and individual requirements.
  • We always record the whole lesson for absent students.more…
  • We promote gifted and hard-working students to groups on higher level during the school year. more
  •  We require all students to work systematically and to do their homework. more


  • We always start our courses on second Monday in September in accordance with the program which the students received by the end  of previous school year, i.e. in June. more
  • The school year is divided into three terms. This means payment of smaller amounts three times than it would be in the case of traditional two terms.

Free days overlap with the schedule of the school year. For students burdened with additional occupations (white week after the 1st Communion) or departing for field school we propose on ad hoc basis double lessons on Saturdays).


  • We use textbooks of well known publishers. Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Mc MIllan Publishers, Pearson.

We teach children according to our own author’s fable textbook- “The dormant Castle „ ,

textbooks available in the book market and also old good textbooks verified from the methodological point of view such as  Your English ABC, Muzzy in Gondoland  and other.

Our own author’s fable textbook- “The dormant Castle „

  • We work on individual method of consolidating knowledge .
  • We develop the skill of speaking. We teach how to make up a speech, how to form thoughts (brain storm), how to react in different situations
  • We play little scenes  more
  • We prepare theatre performances .more
  • We record Polish-English radio dramas more
  • We teach words and idioms in whole phrases and sentences, in excerpts of texts or we ask to learn theatre scenarios by heart.
  • We teach spelling more
  • We read texts from magazines, books, articles from the Internet. We have a rich collection of books and magazines for each level of education, we follow developments in the world . more
  • We develop the skill of understanding a recording, conversation by native speakers or discussion

We watch Ted`s talks and discuss them with students –

  • We teach various forms of written assignment, various written forms appearing in obligatory examinations more
  • We practice pronunciation more
  •  We use dictionaries suitable  to the age and language level of our students. We teach them how to use English – English dictionary and dictionaries available in the Internet , ,


  • We teach grammar and grammatical structures. From the youngest groups we accustom students to analytical thinking, to making various kinds of grammatical exercises and to giving answers in full sentences.  We suggest additional tasks to ambitious students. In Kaspa, a Club of English Perfectionist functioned for a few years.
  • We write class tests
  • We introduce elements of games more
  • We organize competitions, including poetry competitions more
  • We use the Internet .We enrich the texts from the textbooks by examples of articles and films from the Internet
  • We watch excerpts of films in original version .
  • We have courses with native speakers and foreigners communicating in English. more
  • We use art-   Painting, drawing, making masks or models etc. more
  •  We sing and listen to concerts more
  • We introduce elements of dances more
  • We cook, bake cake/bread, make salads and desserts with emotions connected with preparation of meals, smells and manners at the table more
  • We broaden our general knowledge about nature, our pets, the place where we live, monuments , history, interesting professions,  more
  • We meet interesting people more
  • We organize two week summer camps more
  • We organize one week  winter language camps more
  • We make educational aids together with students. Students are emotionally engaged and such aids represent special value for them. more
  • We present techniques to help with solving grammatical exercises and teach examination techniques. We do mock exams and prepare students to complete them within the time limits.



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