Szkoła języków obcych

Kaspa-an organizer of cultural activities

1. In the  2001/2002 our fairy tales were broadcast on the local radio” BOGORIA”.

In the evening children listened to a 4 minute-long fragment  of a fairy tale . We know from the feedback

of the listeners that the whole families followed our radio plays  with emotions because at the end of

every  part there was a contest question and a reward for the lucky one, who managed to call the

radio and gave a correct answer .Our students took part in some of the recordings.



2.  In 2002, Kaspa gave CDs with all recorded  Polish-English fables  to all elementary schools in

Grodzisk   Mazowiecki.





3.    In 2000,  supporting School Artistic-Theatre Group at the elementary school No.1 in

Grodzisk Mazowiecki we participated in musical theatre performance of ”PINOCHCIO”.

The performance was co-production of Kaspa, Dance Studio DUET, Musical School and the Culture Center in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

Kaspa’s contribution was theatre script  in English based on the book by Carlo Collodi

and methodological supervision. Our students were among the actors.

4.   In 2012, we organized a free holiday English course for children living in a small village

Stawy  Milickie.


In 2012 We organized a  summer course for the children in the rural region who do not have direct access to cultural institutions. We kindled a passion for English in children from the town of Zamek in the Milickie Stawy region. Our hosts’ hospitality and learning about another beautiful part of Poland was our reward. As usual, we enriched the learning with fun, singing, etegami painting and sport.

5.During the winter camp in February 2014 the participants got acquainted with Etegami art. – a hand-painted Japanese postcard with text. At the camp we painted Etegami dedicated to patients in the hospital in Grodzisk. All postcards were provided to the volunteers of the hospital.

We hope that such an action will be repeated and our students will continue such friendly actions.

We are aware that such gestures have positive impact on patients and raise their mental state.

>>>>>>>>>> Dylan Klempner


( informacja o Art.&Medicine- Floryda

Painting ETEGAMI during the winter camp February 2014

ETEGAMI CARDS painted by winter camp participants

6.     In March 2014, „ETEGAMI   CALL” was announced in the Etegami International Club – an       action to paint Etegami for the participants of Kaspa winter camp as an incentive to continue this art learnt at the winter camp.  In effect, as many as 82 Etegami postcards were received from Japan, Vietnam,   Philippines, USA, France and Israel.

                                               Call for Etegami to Encourage People in Hospitals

This call was conceived by Kasia (Katarzyna Tekielska) of Poland, who is teaching her students to paint etegami and dreams of using etegami to

encourage and support people undergoing serious treatment in hospitals. You may remember when Kasia herself was hospitalized and how

much comfort it was to her to make and receive etegami. As I understand it, the purpose of this call is mainly to encourage Kasia’s students to paint

etegami, especially for sending to people who need support and encouragement. She requests your permission to print your submissions to hand out to her

students. Etegami resulting from this call will be posted on a website (to be announced later), and hopefully also at Kasia’s local hospital.
Deadline is end of March. Submissions may be sent by snail mail (regular post) or email:


7.   The action STRAIGHT BACK took place during the winter language camp. The participants of the camps were diagnosed by physiotherapists from the  SORNO Rehabilitation Center Centrum from the point of view

of their posture and analysis of the bone and joint system.

8.     On 2 February, Katarzyna Tekielska held workshop of Chinese painting with elements of Chinese callygraphy in

Villa RADOGOSZCZ in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.


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