Szkoła języków obcych

Long term experience

Long term experience has proved that effective teaching must be done in groups with minimum 10 students. Only then a teacher can  vary teaching methods, introduce elements of play ,contests or encourage students to compete with each other, which always motivates them to learn. The education in a nice, friendly atmosphere leads to positive results regardless of the age of the students.

The youngest students learn in groups of 6/7 years old, 8/9 years old and 10/11 years old. Teenagers are in groups equivalent to their education level: 6th grade, junior high school and grammar school.

We interview every candidate for our courses. We insist on parent`s presence during the interview.

These,  who want to join our groups have to catch up with the group`s  level. We offer special lessons for those, who need to improve their knowledge.


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