Szkoła języków obcych

Mother`s Day

Our school has always helped the students prepare

a surprise gift  for their mothers to celebrate Mother`s day.

After our Jay`s lessons students knew how stunning

are blue and black patterned  jay`s feather.

Students had been  sent a scan with a jay`s design.

They had printed and cut out the little  feathers.

All painting stuff had to be prepared as we they going

to design and create a piece of jewellery for their mothers.

When everything for the art lesson was prepared,

we were ready to begin making a necklace .

To inspire the students a few projects made by a teacher were shown.

A teacher demonstrated every step of the process

and students followed him doing their best.

It wasn`t easy to mimic teacher`s steps through the Internet,

seeing them only on the screen of a computer

or on the little mobile phone display board.

The necklace had to be served  in a nice way.

Students fixed their  gifts  onto a sheet of carton

and they  added words of wishes for their mums.

Below there are pictures of Kasia`s and Janek`s  artwork.

made by Kasia

made by Janek

made by Madzia