Szkoła języków obcych

New challenges-distance teaching and learning .

Time of the pandemic, time of remote work.

Our school has seamlessly switched  to online teaching.

Many thanks to our son Bartosz for his willingness

to help in solving any technical problems.

On March 16, we started our lessons using Hangouts.

Students had to learn a new type of collaboration ,

turn the microphone on / off within a certain time,

be patient when everyone would like to answer,

report willingness to answer differently than in classroom

not by raising a hand but by saying the  name and

dealing with imperfections in computer equipment.

This  change showed  that not all the children had access to a computer.

To diminish  confusion among students we  had to support kids with

lessons through  mobile phones .

As time passed, both students and their parents  began

to deal with new responsibilities better and better.

Right in the beginning the students saw that learning phonetic signs

was worth doing. This skill was especially useful during

some interference due to the internet problems.