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Katarzyna Tekielska

I love teaching and sharing my knowledge and passions. I always have a lot of ideas and worry that one lifetime won’t be enough to realize all of them. I’ve been teaching English since 1991. The youngest students are my favourites. I realize that they absorb knowledge as easily as a sponge does water and the sponge needs to be “soaked” properly. They inspire me to constantly look for new methods and to stay creative.

Apart from English I know Spanish on upper-intermediate level. One of my goals is to master it and follow through with a trip to Spain to dance Flamenco there (that’s right, dance is also one of my passions).

Theatre and painting are my other passions. I’ve been taking part in a Chinese ink painting course for two years. Last year I had a chance to meet with my Chinese master on a workshop in Portland. I love meeting people from different countries and cultures.

ETEGAMI – a Japanese hand-painted postcard is my other passion. I’ve been a member of an international Etegami club (its seat is located in Japan) for a year and thanks to that I keep in touch with people from all over the world.

I really like travelling. I think that Poland is a beautiful country. I travelled the length and breadth of Poland with my family, documenting wooden architecture and verifying the register of sacred objects for the Centre of Documenting of Historic Buildings and Documents in Warsaw. I try to bring good ideas and interesting customs with me from my international travels.

I wouldn’t be able to live without music. It accompanies me when I prepare lessons and check homework assignments. I listen to classical music, jazz, blues, songs of Jerzy Wasowski and Jeremi Przybora but also other types (Niemen, Aga Zaryan, Shakuhachi flute, Kroke and many others) depending on my mood and energy that I need to get from music.




Paweł Tekielski

I like teaching in all age categories. I also help my wife Kasia to deal with overabundance of ideas. I have been teaching English since 1997. Students’ engagement, which results from our collective efforts and huge workload, brings me the greatest joy.

Riding a bike is my passion. I mount my steed in every spare moment and describe my “rowerowanie (biking)” in Polish and English on a blog I used the word on purpose as it comes from a verb created by my nearest and dearest for our special family language – “rowerować” :).


Filming and digital editing is my second passion. According to our family saying, we learn during our whole life and it is us who decide how we live it – in an interesting or a boring way. I have broadened my knowledge on this subject by becoming a student of Academy of Film and Television.

I like travelling and have come to know Poland like the back of my hand by photo-documenting architecture, historic buildings and objects throughout the whole country. Apart from English I speak Russian fluently and communicate in Arabic. I also improve my language skills in French.



0007-Bolek-nasza kadra

Bolesław Tekielski

I am currently more of an observer of KASPA. In our family firm I gained valuable experience in teaching children, teenagers and adults. While learning, I enjoyed using the drama method, which inspired emotional involvement in my students.

My biggest passion is my small family – my wife and my little daughter. I love photography and I also practice Krav Maga – a self-defense martial arts system. I travel a lot and always use English, learning new slang and broadening my knowledge of idiomatic expressions.


0008-WOJTEK-nasza kadra

Wojciech Tekielski

Similarly to my brothers, I learnt English at my parents’ school. I continued my education and graduated from the Jagiellonian University in 2010, getting a degree in the English Department. Apart from our firm I teach English in junior high school no 3 in Grodzisk Mazowiecki.

At KASPA I derive great pleasure from working with groups of ambitious students on FCE or upper levels. I enjoy working with highly motivated students who understand that they can and should take responsibility for their own learning.

Painting tabletop miniatures is my greatest passion. This hobby helps me relax and allows me to train my patience, precision and perseverance.  It also gives me an opportunity to keep in touch with people from all over the world. I write about my hobby in English on my blog

I love animals, especially cats and dogs. I’m a proud owner of two cats; Tuptuś – a three-legged cat that we adopted in 2011 and Bojkot – a cat that became his best buddy.

0009KUBA--nasza kadra

Jakub Tekielski

I learnt English in KASPA and travelling around the world makes it possible for me to use the language in different countries, talking to native speakers of English or other nationalities. Following the motto on KASPA’s website One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way, I develop my German and Russian language skills.

Since my earliest years I took part in language camps organized by my parents, at first as a participant and later as an assistant. I enjoy working with students who have open minds and are curious about life.

I’m currently studying geography. I am a member of the European Geography Association thanks to which I stay in touch with people from different countries. I hitch-hike or travel by car around the world and share my experiences by organising lectures, I do that for students of KASPA too.

My parents have taught me the art of making jewellery out of silvers. I improved my skills during my apprenticeship with a professional silversmith. I cultivate family traditions of giving hand-made gifts to my parents and siblings.  I publish pictures of my works on my blog:

I have been a horse riding instructor since 2012 I am a member of Stowarzyszenie Ułanów Grochowskich im. gen. Józefa Dwernickiego -the General JD Grochowscy Uhlans  Association  (  ) and take part in historical reenactments. Photography is also my passion



0010-BARTEK -nasza kadra

Bartosz Tekielski


At present, I am a person who works in KASPA by assisting in summer camps and drama events. I also observe lessons gaining experience in the best place as our school has proven to be successful in terms of efficient teaching and continuation of education in KASPA of our students.

I learnt English in our family firm. I took part in all summer camps, at first as a participant and later as my parents’ assistant. Playing the guitar is my passion and that’s why every year I take part in an international guitar workshop “Blues nad Bobrem” in Kliczków. I can observe teachers’ involvement and their professionalism – elements that I also associate with our firm. I am also keen on painting tabletop miniatures.

Similarly to my mum, I like working with the youngest students. I am able to motivate them to learn and introduce friendly, joyful  atmosphere.


Barbara Tekielska

I am a graduate of the English department at the Jagiellonian university. I gained experience in teaching English when I worked in a high school no 1 in Grodzisk Mazowiecki and in Kaspa working with groups of high school students preparing for the matura exam. Apart from English I speak Spanish.

I love cats, observing them is a genuine pleasure as they bring about a wonderful sense of peace to their environment.



Karen Aumick

Karen ,a retired teacher from Oregon in the USA volunteered at Kaspa summer camps tutoring English and supervising camp participants .

Karen also took part in team teaching with Kaspa teachers throughout 2005 year. She shared responsibility for planning, teaching, assessing and evaluating mainstream programs, planning curriculum content, lesson methodology and classroom organization.


0013HELEN HENDERSON  -nasza kadra

Helen Henderson

Helen , a retired teacher from Scotland worked as a volunteer at Kaspa summer camp in 2005.


Sharon Rakestraw

Sharon a retired American teacher worked as a volunteer at Kaspa summer camp in .

ann dinniskaspa

Ann Dinnis

Anne has been  Kaspa consultant for many years sharing her experience in Scottish education with us.


Lesslie Simpson

Lesslie is  Scottish. He  worked as a volunteer at Kaspa summer camp.


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Susan i Peter Hoffman

Sue and Peter from The USA ran a coversation group every Saturday throughout …



Martha Strunsky

Martha, a retired teacher and a Shakespeare admirer, accompanied lessons in KASPA in ………



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