Szkoła języków obcych

Polish-French project to help migratory birds.

Polish-French project to help migratory birds.

Our school has always been eco -friendly.

In March we heard from Associations of Polish Naturalists

( Jestem na PTAK , Łączą Nas Ptaki, Psubraty )

about different actions being taken to protect migratory birds.

Among them, there was a Polish-French Project to help

seven migratory species.

From this project and its educational set, our students

could learn  about dangers these  birds have to face

on long distance flying to winter in warm countries.

Searching on the Internet for more information about

birds in danger of extinction, we came across Mary Colwell,

a nature writer and a producer, who walked 500 miles

from Ireland through Wales to England.

Her walk target was to raise awareness and funds for the Curlew.

Curlew walk:


After watching a video with Mary Colwell and reading

an interview with her, we chose CURLEW bird to be a theme

of artworks for the Polish-French project.

Students saw this bird on the Internet, heard the

sounds it makes and learnt to recognize it.


Our students have been familiar with etegami art for a few years.

That`s why we went to this art technique.

Traditional  Japanese etegami is a postcard with sumi ink

 outline filled with gansai painting and a few words

added by an artist.

The students painted curlew linocut prints.

Some of them added personal words to their etegami cards.

A few students created their etegami of migrating birds using

a rubber seal with a flying curlew.

There were also students, who made their own design of etegami.

The, more we searched for information about Curlew,

the more we discovered. Among the bird`s illustrations,

we found amazing paintings by Karl Martens and

watched his demo video.



Encouraged by Karl Marten`s freestyle, teenagers painted

after one of his artworks.

As usual,  every art lesson means that students broaden their

knowledge about art theme, learn vocabulary and

perfect their language skills.