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Rewards instead of school marks.

Rewards instead of school marks.


Every year we design and print

new stickers for our listeners.

They collect them instead of

getting school marks.

We discovered that this way of

evaluation of their language skills

motivates students to work hard.

Young learners collect geometrical

shapes to fill in the picture.

At the same time they learn the shapes

such as triangle, square,rectangle,

circle and they practice

counting the elements.

001a-painting&geometrical shapes


001b-painting&geometrical shapes


001c-painting&geometrical shapes


001d-painting&geometrical shapes


001e-painting&geometrical shapes



Last year we prepared sets of owl stickers.

Most of them were inspired by

etegami art of our friends from

the International Etegami Club.

They are imaginative in colours and shapes

with expression in their faces,

which is sometimes funny, sometimes serious ,

sometimes cute or mischievous .

Students gave nicknames to some

of them such as

“Pirate”, ” Professor”, ” Spy”.


We encourage the readers to learn

about etegami art and to visit the page:




During 2015/2016 school year

frogs stickers accompanied

our students.

All of them were based on

the images of real frogs

all over the word.

Our students not only could collect

the frogs stickers but they could

also broaden their knowledge

about these creatures.


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are a few details ,

which they became familiar with

during lessons.

There are nearly 4,000 types of frogs,

including toads, which are live,

in almost every part of the world.

Some frogs inhabit arid areas,

such as deserts, some frog species

are adapted to a cold environment.

The Wood Frog Lithobates sylvaticus ,

whose habitat extends into

the Arctic circle , buries itself

in the ground during Winter.

The only place that there are

no frogs is Antarctica .

Some frogs are multicoloured,

some are yellow

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, brown, orange,

red, blue or other colours

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on the body.

Some frogs even change colours.

001-frogs 2015-2016-a


002-frogs 2015-2016-b