Szkoła języków obcych

Teenagers and their English lesson with a native speaker.

At the end of every unit of our coursebook

there is a list of words, which students should

remember and know how to use them in a sentence.

Ruby, our American guest wrote

text  with gaps, in which students

were supposed to insert

the words of the list.

It was a challenge to students to decide which words shoud go to every gap because the text written by Ruby was completely different

from the one in their course book.

Kuba worked on his own but from

time to time he worked in pair

with Łukasz.

The girls preferred group work.

After the task, Rubi showed the words

she used to the students.

Finally, Ruby read the complete text

and students could check whether

they had chosen the right

words or not.

Next step was to create students` story

with the words they used in  Ruby`s


Thank you Ruby for visiting

our school and sharing your

methods of learning new words.