Szkoła języków obcych

various forms of written assignment

We encourage students to write journals in English. We write journals of virtual travels together with our students combining English with gaining knowledge about the world. The students write itineraries of their travels and with our help they search for the information about the culture and tourist attractions of the countries they visit.

-excerpt of a journal written by 12 years old Filip.

-Ania`s (11,5 years old )text about her trip to Greece.

-a description of a family trip to Rome written by a 17 years old student


Four days trip to Rome with my family.

The First Day – Thursday 21st February

We went to Warsaw by WKD, people had fun, because we occupied the whole small compartment of the train. Next, we arrived at Chopin Airport by another train from the city centre. Flight proceeded without problems. I was sitting by the window so all the time I could admire unearthly views.

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