Szkoła języków obcych

We broaden our general knowledge

We broaden our general knowledge about nature, our pets, the place where we live, monuments , history, interesting professions, 

-Thanks to contacts with an international ETEGAMI CLUB our students can broaden their minds with the knowledge given  at first hand.

An etegami club member from Hawaii shared her painting of HONU- The Green Sea turtle with KASPA school.

Students learnt about Hawaiian  turtle, Hawaiian  geography , culture and people. They painted their Honu turtles and made a display

On a cork board. They listened to the songs of a famous Hawaiian singer IZ.

-During the lesson in the open air our students learnt about architecture and monuments of their home town. Children got sets of tasks .To recognize the object of the list was one of their tasks. They had to describe every object in English.

-Participants of our language camps always visit a blacksmith. They learn about the  craft , watch the blacksmith working and hammer horseshoes with him.

-Antoni Kania `s Museum of folk Instruments is truly unique on the Europe or even world scale. The owner lets the visitors play the instruments from different parts of the world. It`s a custom that KASPA students add to the collection the instrument done by themselves during a language camp. Every visit ends with a concert played together


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