Szkoła języków obcych

We use art

-We introduce elements of Chinese ink painting to make lessons attractive for students.

A lesson with 6/7 years old –painting flowers:

A lesson with 8/9 years old – painting animals:

A lesson with teenagers- painting a landscape:


-Learning  about  Present Continuous we are painting a banner for the classroom :


-We are revising Past Simple tense. We talk about our holidays and paint holidays memories on our T-shirts :


-We are learning about plural of nouns and body parts.


-making masks we learn to talk about appearance.


-Ania is  learning verb-object-verb construction . She is using ETEGAMI techniques to make a picture.


– Drawing comics we -prepare the scripts for our performances.


-Drawing birds the kids  learn about body parts . They also practice the  question: What does your bird look like?

The kids also learn the names of different kinds of birds.




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