Szkoła języków obcych

Where are we?

We have a long-term experience in teaching English and also a good reputation in the field of English courses.

We have been teaching English continuously since 1997. The beginning of our career goes back to 1991 , when we gained experience in Warsaw`s public elementary school in the Ochota district and STO elementary school in the Włochy district.

School location.

. Our school is located in Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Radonska street 56.

It has convinient Access , both by car and by WKD train ( train stop is in 5 min. walk distance ) or PKP train ( 10-15 minutes from the railway station ),

Proximity to the swimming pool (7-10 min walk) enables our students to practice swimming either before or right after lessons in Kaspa.


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